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Exiles, while being first and foremost a World of Warcraft raiding guild, consists of a tight group of friends who enjoy each others company in many games. As a community, we are always open to new faces and welcome anyone who would like to be a part of us.

Goals of Exiles

Exiles aspires to be more than a mere gathering of people that happen to play the same game. The ultimate goal is to have friends that we can play any game with, who we like, who we trust and who we know we will have a good time with.
The first and foremost goal of Exiles is to consistently have a friendly, honest and open atmosphere, in order to make everyone's playing experience as satisfying as possible.
Secondly, we do want to beat all content available in the games we actively play, which obviously includes endgame and if applicable hardmodes. Some of us are also interested in PvP, however it is not considered the focus of the guild.

Expected Behaviour

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, we need to have a rock solid member base. As such, our expectations are very high.
Each member has to fulfil the following points.

  • - A mature way of acting towards others.
  • - The will to help others without personal gain, and above that the actions to prove it.
  • - A stance towards the game and its rewards, which is keen to advance on one hand, on the other hand relaxed enough to be part of a team.
  • - The ability to give and take criticism in a constructive manner, without upsetting others or getting upset.
  • - Be able to raid three times each week
  • - Maintain activity inside the game and the community
  • - A heart of gold, or at least something shiny.
  • - Last but not least, a stable life outside of your gaming hobby. It will reflect on your actions inside the games.
Apart from this, we frown upon use of unnecessary abbreviations in chat. It's not hard to type "your" instead of "ur" or "you" instead of "u". Common Internet acronyms like "lol" and such are a different matter, as you rarely, if ever, use them in coherent sentences.

While Exiles is aimed at conquering the endgame content, this is not the only way to enjoy the various games, the guild and our community. We would like to encourage people to be online outside endgame content as well, to do an instance, help out a guild member with a quest, or simply chat about the various facets of life as a whole.
We ask our members to be mature enough to inform us about possible periods of being away through the forum and our website in due time, in order to be able to act upon such news.
A member that is gone for a week or longer without informing the officers will most likely be demoted and possibly removed from the guild without further warnings.

Guild Ranks and Responsibilities

There are effectively three ranks, from top to bottom they are raiders, applicants and members.
The rank of member is meant for all the people that we have been playing with over the years, but who for various reasons had to retire from raiding.
Applicants are only separated from raiders for purposes of trialing and getting to know new people. Depending on the state of the current content, raiders may get preference on loot over applicants.
Raiders do what the name suggests, as such raiders are expected to follow our endgame principles (see below) and most of all, be reliable. All raiders share the responsibility to make our raids both as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.
As an addendum, there is naturally an officer rank, and they are responsible for all things organizational. When it comes to loot or raidspots however, they have no rights above raiders.

Looting System

The goal of us upgrading our gear is to be ready for future encounters. Many ways exist to distribute items between attending members of a raid or instance group. After having tried a myriad of different systems, we are currently using a simple loot council. For each item that drops, the current item to be replaced is linked in chat, along with a short statement of how big of an upgrade it would be. Upon this, the loot master consults the loot history so far and decides based upon several factors, like who gets the biggest upgrade, how many items have the interested parties gotten already, etc.
The priorities are as follows:
Raiders -> Applicants -> Main (Main Spec) -> Main (Off Spec) -> Alt/Saddam/Mickey Mouse. Obviously, a bit of sensibility is of use here, a +2 damage upgrade might not be worth it, and the item might as well go to an alt instead.
Depending on the raid, raiders have priority over guests from other guilds and applicants. On occasion, this may change.

Endgame principles

When it comes to raiding, the past has taught us that time is a very precious resource indeed. Having used different approaches at what we expect as preparation from individuals for our raids, we have arrived at a very common mindset:
Everyone is required to do their research and understand as many of the mechanics of a given fight before we get there as a guild group. Everyone needs to put in the effort to read up on everything concerning both new and old fights, especially their class's role. Nothing less will suffice.
Every raider is also expected to always show up fully repaired, with flasks, potions and enough individual food to last an entire evening.

Raiding layout and difficulty

We are currently running heroic raids and preparing for the mythic format of 20-man raids.
We are picking the raid setups for each reset with the following in mind: We want to be progressing. This means those who are chosen have to be on top of their game and perform to their best of abilities in order to progress further into the instances and beat new encounters, usually on mythic modes once heroic has been cleared and declared farm status. We also swap in and out players depending on their performance at a given night and/or to make a perfect setup possible for a given encounter.

Raiding times

There are currently three main raids each week, beginning at 20:30 server time and ending at 23:30 server time. Days for these raids as of now are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Monday. We require our raiders to sign and join for at least two of these raids on each week.
In addition to these three main raids, there can be another one or two raids on Sunday or Tuesday, if for example it would secure us a sure kill before the reset. This will be the exception however.
Apart from these raids, we require initiative from our members. Farming old content, setting up alt-raids or something else that seems to be enjoyable. Everyone is welcome to go ahead and get a group going!

Raiding signups

The raids will be posted on the ingame calendar with intended targets and every active raider will be invited. Depending on the sign up situation, the target may be subject to change. In order for the raid leaders to be able to give notice on the teams we encourage everyone to sign as soon as possible but at the latest 1 day ahead of raid start. You have three options to choose from when signing using the ingame calendar or through

You know you will make the raid.

You want to make the raid, but you might run late or not be able to come altogether if things don't go as planned.

You can't or don't want to come to this raid no matter what.

If you can't raid for a couple of raids in a row, you are expected to give notice using our forums.

Recruitment procedure

Should you decide to join us and apply, you have done the first step already by reading this charter. The next step is to register on the website and make an application in our recruitment forum, using the template we provide. Keep in mind we don't know you and a good first impression goes a long way in making people interested in you. So put in some extra effort and check for mistakes before you submit your application. We will read it and soon after reply to you on the forum and ingame. In the case of being accepted, we will trial you for two to three weeks, depending on circumstances. During this time you will be watched and we will be discussing your performance internally, all leading up to a member vote on whether or not to keep you on as a permanent raider.

Members of Exiles
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